Going around Dubai, trying out…..Circle Cafe

Few months ago, I was invited to the launch of Circle Cafe’s new menu and opening in Bay Square. It was actually quite a pleasant evening meeting other bloggers, as well as the founders – Mira and Rama. Inspiring, strong women who built a business here in Dubai.

The highlight for me that evening were the bagels, which apparently is shipped fresh from the states to the gulf. Mmm 🙂 If you want to read up on the launch itself, have a peek at few of the following bloggers whom I follow – click here for Jane’s thoughts, from The Desert Life and click here for Lavina’s input, from Ezrani.com.

Brekky Date at Circle Cafe, Bay Square

A month later, we decided to head back on our own account to have a late breakfast at the same venue in Bay Square. 

It was fairly quiet when we got there, with probably two other tables occupied, what appeared to be discussing business over breakfast. We decided to go for the big breakfast, and pancakes for myself with nutella.

Love the pink roses
Love the pink roses

Eventhough the place was not busy at all, I remember service to be particularly slow, with a few mistakes in the juice orders, staff forgetting to bring us butter, etc. Small things, which needs to be picked up, especially when a cafe is new in the neighbourhood and first impressions goes a long way for the residents in that area.

Not a biggie for G and I, as we had a nice brekky date anyways, and you can’t go wrong with eggs, hash browns, bacon, bakes beans, mushrooms, and pancakes, can you 🙂


Lunch Get-together at Circle Cafe, Dubai Healthcare City 

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Many weeks later, a few of us from work decided to head to Circle Cafe in Healthcare City for lunch as it was closeby, plus the fact that we had Entertainer vouchers.

Green Thai Curry
Green Thai Curry

This branch is very busy during lunch and the girls were not very impressed with service at all, our food came much longer than we had anticipated.

My Thai Green Curry was however delicious – chicken cubes, coconut milk, zucchini, eggplant and rice, mm 🙂

Snapshots of the what the girls’ had, above. It was all okay – but it wasn’t good enough for the girls to say since then – Let’s go back to Circle Cafe, bugger. Again, first impressions matter ay.

Late Ramadan Breakfast at Circle Cafe, Dubai Media City

This one’s my favourite 🙂

We didn’t purposely chose to go to Circle Cafe. It was one of those weekends that you wake up, and it’s Ramadan and you’re thinking – where can we go for breakfast? I tweeted The Beach Dubai, our favourite place to go and everywhere was shut till sundown.

Found this article, and aha, Circle Cafe is open and it’s a 5-minute drive from our place, so off we went. 

Surprisingly, the place was completely empty when we went. Looks like no one knew it was open during Ramadan. How nice for G and I to have the whole place to ourselves 🙂

Circle Cafe, CNN Building

They have the same white table and chairs decor as they do in the othe branches. Love the white rose as well!

Circle Cafe Big Breakfast – Dubai Media City edition – 58 AED


G went for the big breakfast once again, and we felt that the presentation and overall was better than that at Bay Square. Oh how I miss hash browns, I’m hungry now looking at the photos!

Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon – 42AED

This time round I went for the scrambled eggs an smoked salmon. Oh, their bagels never fail. So good.

As we were literally the only two people in the cafe, I really cannot complain on service 😉 The guys in the kitchen were really busy though as I think they must have had a lot of delivery orders to cater to over Ramadan.


So there you go. My very long two cents. Much longer than I wanted to. They go by the lotto – Simple, good food. I like their concept, I like how their cafes are. And so far, food has been good for me.

Service between the branches are not consistent, but hey – that’s just my personal experience. Might just be perfect when you go.

Do go their for a breakfast date – I do recommend you try their bagels. We will still be back 🙂

  • Circle Cafe 
  • Website – http://circle-cafe.com/
  • Check their website out for location and numbers of the various branches
  • Entertainer Two for One for their mains 

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  1. That’s really a lot of Circle Café experiences. One of the akward things about media launches is that you sometimes get a completely different experience compared to what an ordinary customer, an ordinary day (or Ramadan) would get. It’s nice having the whole place to yourself, but I must say that I like the buzz from other people talking around the tables. Then nobody notice if I burp or chew noisily:):)

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