#45 degrees and more

I’ve been on a blogging hiatus.

Work’s been absolute manic, I feel like I’ve been completely swallowed up, but you know what – I actually really enjoy it, weird as that may seem.

How are you, how has your Ramadan been? 🙂

I haven’t done one of these in my series of random rambles for awhile. Miss it ay.

The blogging world has been overflowing with iftar write-ups as of late. I’ve been to a few here and there, had the opportunity to organise a blogger’s get-together, some weeks punctuated with a cheeky ladies night out, endured weekly 90-minute sessions of sweaty yoga with the girls (will do a proper write-up on this soon…anyone else keen to join us?) , and then there’s always the few home-cook cosy dinners, which are always the best 😉

As I haven’t felt the urge to write a lengthy blog on every single thing, here’s a collection of photos … until the next big thing comes around 🙂 Enjoy!

Till then, see you on twitter and instagram. Watch out for Mr Mustard …… soon, making a few appearances in …..Italy 😉

A Peruvian Iftar at the newly opened Taj Dubai in Tesoro….. this one came as a bit of surprise, we really like the iftar spread 🙂 195 AED per person
Quinoa soup, ceviche and a mixture of Peruvian salads at Tesoro..
Think I’ve got a bit of thing for bathrooms ay.. this one’s from Frioul Bistro in Souk Madinat (right behind Pacha).. went there for their Ramadan Set Menu as it was in the Entertainer..200AED for 2. Thoughts? The set menu was so-so.. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the place though so we’ll definitely head back next time to try the normal menu out 🙂
A traditional set up at Grand Hyatt’s Iftar..
Cheeky drinks at Madame Butterfly Ladies Night at China Grill.. Free flow (pun intended) for girls on Tuesday’s and 50% off food.. it’s crazy isn’t it !
Set Ramadan Menu at The Observatory in Marriott Harbour for 149AED.. I much prefer set menu’s than buffets when it comes to Iftar ay 🙂 Do it on a Monday and you get to have a free drinks over Ladies nights as well… 😉
Brekky at Circle Cafe in CNN Building, Media City.. One of the few places that are open daytime during Ramadan! It was really quiet when we went… surprisingly! I’m thinking of doing a proper post for this one… maybe.. 🙂
Obviously taken with my phone, which doesn’t do very good photos in the evenings 😉 Iftar at one of my personal fav hotels, The Med at Media One Hotel. Great price at 120AED per person, still so good after all these years, quality over quantity. Do it on a Wednesday and you go down to Z:One for a few drinks for ladies nights 🙂
Haha, conveniently cropped to cut out everyone’s face 😉 One of my first times organising a blogger and friends’ get-together, iftar hosted by Le Royal Meridien at Al Saker Ballroom. Such a great evening with you girls 🙂

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