Hydrating Body Treatment @ Saray Spa, Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel

Writing about your experience at a spa treatment is not easy. With food you can take a lot of pretty photos, from this angle, that angle, aerial view, macro shot, and it makes your blog post looks very….. interesting. It makes you hungry 🙂

When it comes to spas, unless you’re quite happy to display yourself in your glorious nakedness and risk getting deported from this amazing country and home we call Dubai, it’s all about how you’re able to describe the whole experience.

Let me try.

And sorry to disappoint, unfortunately there will be no exciting photos to share. Just, the spa itself 😉


Ramadan Kareem, everybody 🙂 It’s a nice time of the year really. Maroon 5 describes it well in their new song. Moving along from the heat, there is a lot you can do other than the many iftars. For those lucky enough to leave work early, you can … pamper yourself.


Saray Spa (both the one in the marina, and the fancy one in Business Bay) is having a 50% off all treatments through the holy month. Whoop whoop. Score. I’ve been there so many times now and have written on a few. Tonight was a perfect kick-start to the week, and what every single girl deserves. That’s you, your sister, your friend, your mum, your wife.

After a nice hot shower , then the initial consultation (yeah, the part they make sure you’re not allergic, not pregnant, etc etc 😉 ), I made my way into the treatment room.

Facedown and comfortable, Nicky started off with part one. Dry brushing. I can see your face going, whaaaat?  Basically she uses a brush to …….. you guessed it, brush your body, all over. This is to open up your pores, to prep it for… acid.

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Yeah, you got it. Acid. Now don’t panic. You’re not gonna turn lobster red and then have skin peeling off for the next few days. Or at least that what’s I’ve been told and so far……. I’m still okay. When she started to rub lactic acid (30%) all over, I thought it was going to sting. It was actually pretty mild, I felt a very… very slight tingling sensation. That’s all.

All lathered up, she then applied cranberry extract, which is supposed to stimulate the acid. Again, I felt..fine. I smelled like, cranberries 🙂 Now just to add a bit of …. I’ll be a nice drink. Okay sorry it’s Ramadan, have to keep the blog post dry. 

Soon after, I went into the showered room to wash off. My skin felt so smooth, I kept washing and washing thinking the acid and cranberries were still on me. Aha, it’s gone. It’s just my skin!

Back onto the bed, was part three. She applied this mask, and although I did ask her twice, my mind is completely blank now. It was just nourishing, hydrating. No fruits involved.

I was laying on top of a plastic sheet, and after being completedly lathered up, she started wrapping me up. Just like a chicken, ready to go into the oven. I love these funky treatments.

Something like that Photo not mine, taken from https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7484/15146129434_cc46c80df8_b.jpg

I stayed there wrapped up, just thinking to myself, oh my skin is going to so happy. “Stimulate cell renewal and regenerate the skin”, that’s what Saray Spa’s brochure says. Definitely.

After washing off and getting back onto the bed was part four. The massage.  Look, we’ve all been to massages. For me, a massage is good when she listens to you, and she does it right. Otherwise, you’ll end up crying because she’s killing you on the bed, or laughing your head off because it’s just so ticklish. Nicky listened. And she is good. So good. 

The massage that comes with this treatment is not a full body massage. It’s just a focus on spot, massage. I told here where, how. She did it, and at the end of the treatment, I was completely rested. It was bliss. Really.

90mins of happiness, off I went to the relaxation room and my girlfriend joined me after. She was so cute, she was so happy as well (after the Arabic Coffee Awakener, which I also recommend). We stayed on chatting away for another hour or so without getting chased out. And how much, you ask me? 90 mins, all that?

The ‘Intensive Age Defying Hydrating Body Treatment‘  is normally 525AED. Ramadan-time, it’s half price. Take our your calculator (or cellphone). That’s 262.50AED. Not too keen of acid? Try their Milk and Honey Immersion (click here to read my review), it will just be 225 AED. As with their Arabic Coffee Awakener (click here to read my review). Not too keen of getting cocooned up? Then go simple 🙂

Now if you want a cheeky drink after that, plan it on a Monday as they have ladies night after. Otherwise shoot up to Observatory for their iftar. I’ll check that out next week. Maybe I’ll see you there?

  • Intensive Age Defying Hydrating Body Treatment
  • 525AED (or 50% off during Ramadan 2015)
  • Saray Spa
  • Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel & Suites
  • 04-319-4630 

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