Harbin International Ice Festival

I probably should have done this post four months ago.

Here’s what I managed to snap, in minus 25 degree celcius.  Let me introduce to you, the Harubin International Ice Festival, when we went there on the 5th of January 2015. Never been so cold in my life!

View of the whole area from the ice castle

It really is a wonderland.

Love these shots taken from the ice castle

The castle is entirely made out of ice blocks. They put mats on the stairs, so you don’t break your neck walking up. It’s still really really slippery though, so be extra careful, otherwise you’ll just knock everyone off 😉

In queue to head up
Going up up up
Ice sculptures

There’s lots and lots of ice sculptures. Delicately crafted. It was about minus 25 when we were there, and it feels so much colder walking around the ice.

My favourites were probably the magical ice castles. You can go in and it feels like you’re a character in a Disney cartoon, hee hee. Frozen 😉

My favourite – ice castles!
More Disney-ish ice castles

The one below is a chandelier, made entirely out of ice cubes. Amazing, isn’t it.

Ice-cube chandeliers, larger than life

Feeling cold just doing this post. Now, back onto Dubai temperature…..

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    1. Haha I probably should have done a proper introduction of it, oops. Harubin is a city in Northeast China. It’s right underneath Russia. We flew there from Beijing. I’ll do a proper write-up of the city itself soon !! 🙂

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