Ladies Night @ Penthouse 25

Few weeks ago, I saw a post on FB where one of our friends had gone to check out this new bar at the top of JA Ocean View Hotel. She was raving about it, so I added a mental note to self : Gotta check it out sometime.

Luckily enough, Penthouse 25 launched their ladies nights, on the hotspot night of Tuesday, unlimited drinks from 8pm to midnight.Β 

After a random class of Jiujitsu, I got home, took a quick shower, and went back out on my bicycle to The Walk. JA Ocean View is actually on the other end of JBR, so after whizzing pass the usual jam, I got to the hotel, tied my bicycle to the lamppost and walked in.

The bar is as literal as its name – a Penthouse on the 25th floor, turned into a bar. It felt a bit like Sale St Bar in Auckland to be honest, somewhat like Cargo in Pier 7, just much smaller. At first instance, I did quite liked the vibe in there. It was quite a casual bar.

They need to, however, installΒ some curtains or more cushions though – not enough to absorb the crowd’s chatter, and Β I could really only talk to the person right next to me. Too loud.

As it was ‘unlimited drinks’, I stayed on just white wine. You could order red, beer, mixers. Pretty generous of them to offer unlimited, not so many do it in our neighbourhood aye. On the same night, Pure Sky at Hilton does the same, and Oeno in The Westin as well.

I recommend it for mixed groups, and you don’t really have to get too dressy for it (which is good πŸ˜‰ ).

Left shortly after ten, bedtime for a schoolnight.

As I was cycling home down The Walk, the friendly neighbourhood policemen stationed outside Reel Cinemas ran after me, and told me not to cycle on the road. Boo. The security guards on The Beach don’t let us cycle there, as with those on The Walk. Now Mr. Policemen is telling me that I can’t cycle alongside the cars (that are not moving) on the road either 😦

JBR traffic

Just to end the post, here’s a snapshot of the traffic on The Walk close to 11pm on a Tuesday night. I’m all for cycling in this area man πŸ™‚

  • Penthouse 25
  • 25th floor of JA Ocean View Hotel
  • JBRΒ 
  • Tuesdays – 8pm to MidnightΒ 
  • Unlimited drinks



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