#38 Marina and The Beach before 9am

We woke up early this morning and decided, let’s go for a cycle while the rest (okay, maybe just some) of the marina is still hungover in bed.

I know a lot of people moan and groan about the traffic, and why anyone would live here.

Despite our own tower being lit up bright on Friday evening just a week ago, we still, surprisingly – love it here.

Here’s a photo blog of the marina and the beach, between 7:30am to 9am on a Saturday morning 🙂

Much appreciation to Emaar for making Dubai Marina a great neighbourhood to live in….. for now 🙂 I just hope that RTA and Emaar can talk to each other a bit more to resolve the traffic problems within the area……. I’m still trying hard to get more bicycle racks installed on the marina boulevard and the walk 😉

Blog post on brekky at Le Paradis French Kitchen, to come 😉

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2 thoughts on “#38 Marina and The Beach before 9am

    1. No worries! 🙂 They were only starting to set things up on Saturday so we didn’t get the chance to see it, gotta head back there sometime this week!

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