#35 The Royal Rabbits

If you drive up and down Al Sufouh all the time, I’m sure you’ve noticed little white furry things scurrying around at the corner of your eye on the lawn.

When I first told G about it months ago now, he didn’t believe me.

Few weeks ago we went for a ride up Al Sufouh and as we came back down, we found the little guys, and so many of them as well ! 😉

Just tonight, we decided to go back in search of the “royal rabbits” to show mum. Royal as apparently, it belongs to the palace 😉

Here’s a collection of photos of the many rabbits outside the palaces on Al Sufouh 🙂






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And to end the post, here’s a snapshot of the usual traffic towards the marina on a Thursday evening. The best bit was cycling pass them, hee hee.


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4 thoughts on “#35 The Royal Rabbits

  1. I’ve seen them too! At first my husband thought I was nuts, but then one day, he drove by and saw rabbits AND a peacock. Now who’s the nuts one now? :):)

    1. Didn’t realise I haven’t replied to you on this one, how bad of me! Ah, I haven’t seen peacocks along Al Sufouh but I wouldn’t be surprised ay! Would love to see more random animals in Dubai, haha!

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