Couples Massage @ Mist Spa, Jumeirah


You know when you buy these groupon/cobone deals and it’s really cheap and you’re not sure if it’s good or not, so you it and find mixed reviews so you think you’ll just give it a shot? Yeah, that’s what we did ๐Ÿ™‚

Look, G liked it. I’m a lot more critical when it comes to massages and spas. So here’s my take on it ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

1. First spa that I’ve been to where they don’t get you to fill in a disclaimer form to check if you’re a) pregnant b) allergic to this and that c) the usual H&S queries, hmm. So if this is your first ever time to the spa, I suggest you ask them yourself what oils they are using, how the treatment will be like, if you have any health issues etc, as they will not ask you.

2. Half an hour into my massage, the door opened (the therapists didn’t tell us why), and the massage stopped. A minute later, it resumed. I then realized the hands felt different and then asked, are you someone else? She laughed and said yea, the other therapists had finished their shifts so it was now their turn. Ha ha how bizarre, that they didn’t at least let us know, or warned us that the door will open (with us half naked laying on the bed)

3. Swedish massage is apparently very gentle. That, or the therapists that I got was not strong enough. I kept asking the first lady to be harder, harder, harder. It wasn’t doing anything for my shoulders, in fact it made me felt even more sore because it was just tickling the top surface. The second therapist that I got was a bit better but she told me oh this is swedish massage, it’s not hard, if you want harder you need to get deep tissue massage. Aww.

4. They wouldn’t warn or ask you if you wanted to uncover the blanket over your top, and then started massaging the areas around your boobies. Bizarre.

5. When the massage was over, they’ll open the door to leave, while you were half naked covered in a towel on the massage bed. And if there was someone outside, anyone could have seen you in your glorious nakedness. Lucky for us there was no one at that time but I wasn’t very happy at all.

So if you don’t mind all that, my massage was actuallyย not too bad. Hahaha. I still felt relaxed in between the awkward moments of therapists changing, doors opening, and the initial soft massages that felt like someone was just tickling me. G however, enjoyed it, lol. He didn’t care about any of that. Maybe I’m just too critical ay? ๐Ÿ˜€

Check out groupon or cobone, they always have lots of deals at Mist Spa. This is our first couples massage and we’re going to another one in two weeks in Tecom, hee hee. Hope they’re a bit better!

  • Mist Spa
  • Jumeira Branch
    Villa No. 257-B, Al Wasl Road, Jumeira 1


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