#25 Popcorn Bum

I could’ve left. But the movie was titled ‘If I stay”, so I thought hey, why not try 😉 Plus the fact that I’ve already showered and changed, drove all the way to MOE, went through a few rounds to find parking, bought my caramel popcorn, la di da.

So we got in on the dot, and yes we probably should’ve gone in a bit earlier, but even so there were at least 15 people standing around scanning the cinema for an empty seat.

Cinema One was way overbooked tonight for the premiere of If I Stay. I asked a guy who had one of those cards slung over his neck if he’s organising this, he kinda avoided eye contact and said no. Funny though as he had a walkie talkie and I watched him struggling soon after to sort out the fiasco.

The stray lot decided to pick a spot on the lovely cinema steps. So did we 🙂 And hey, that was 2 hours of a not-too-bad movie I’ll say. Minus the odd times when a very loud drilling was to be heard, at also the best times, i.e those really quiet touching scenes 😀

My back’s a little sore. I was on the elevators down and a lady kindly told me that I have a popcorn on my…. bum. I think that’s what happen when you sit on the floor ay 😉

Well, on the brightside, had great company with R and the music in the movie was good. And ta da, this adds to my list of ‘first times’ 🙂

Looking forward to a swim and a massage this weekend!

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