Icons Coffee Couture @ Souk Al Bahar

Check this out.

Would you like some :

 Chocolate fudge cake…20140610_185341

Carrot Cake…20140610_185401

Everything in this tart is made raw… 20140610_190250

German Apple Crumble….20140610_191224

and guess what, there is not an ounce of sugar in it. Hehe. Not bad ay. 

Now it’s not to say there are no calories. It’s that they’ve used natural sweeteners to produce these cakes. If you’re interested to read up on it, click here.

So last week G and I headed over to Souk Al Bahar after work for their pre-launch. We got there on time for a change. It was lovely to meet the talented exec chef Lara, as well as the CEO and founder, Elena. We were pretty impressed with how they had started Icons, the first ever in the world, in Dubai. Desserts and savouries with natural sweeteners and original recipies. As much as we wanted to, we couldn’t possibly eat everything on tier, but  managed to try the raw berry vanilla tarte, bit of the carrot cake and the best was definitely the chocolate fudge 🙂

My highlight was probably pouring hot milk into cookie cake cup, haha. On nom nom nom, it was delicious.


I loved their stories. Their ambition. And most definitely the ability to create great, healthy food. It makes us rethink sometimes, what else can we do with our lives, ay? 🙂

Check it out when you go to Dubai Mall next time, wander pass the bridge and look for Icons for a healthy taste treat. Salute to them both, and cheers for taking care of us  🙂


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