To Georgia with Giorgi – Day Two

Day Two – KazbegiΒ 

Georgia is so beautiful.

Kazbegi reminds us a bit of New Zealand, The green, the lush mountains, the rivers, the sheep. Haha, a lot of sheep!

Stepantsminda is the last lil town we went to, which is just before Russia. Β Ooo, if only we got our visas ay. Then we can ‘drop by’ and ‘check-in’ on Facebook, hehe πŸ˜‰ I do recommend you pick a good day to go to Kazbegi. It was drizzling on our way up but stopped soon after. 5 degrees at the top, brr! Β I wanna go back again when it’s clear πŸ™‚

Here’s what you can see, on a cloudy day…

1) Zhinvali ReservoirΒ 


2)Β Farm animals crossing the road…


3) Ananuri Fortress

Definitely a must-visit on your way through Kazbegi. Entry fee: free πŸ™‚


4) More farm animals…


5) Lookout Point

Our photos don’t do this place justice. Breath-taking. We were so high up we could see the snow-capped mountains. It was freezing when we came out, about 5 degrees. A bit of a change from te 40degree Dubai summer ay, haha. Here’s one of my fav photos of Mr Mustard at the top πŸ˜‰





6) And more sheep…a lot.. of sheep


We had a late lunch at a local cafe, lots of Georgian beer and katchapuri again haha. Onto Day Three….

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