To Georgia with Giorgi – Day Two

Day Two – Kazbegi 

Georgia is so beautiful.

Kazbegi reminds us a bit of New Zealand, The green, the lush mountains, the rivers, the sheep. Haha, a lot of sheep!

Stepantsminda is the last lil town we went to, which is just before Russia.  Ooo, if only we got our visas ay. Then we can ‘drop by’ and ‘check-in’ on Facebook, hehe 😉 I do recommend you pick a good day to go to Kazbegi. It was drizzling on our way up but stopped soon after. 5 degrees at the top, brr!  I wanna go back again when it’s clear 🙂

Here’s what you can see, on a cloudy day…

1) Zhinvali Reservoir 


2) Farm animals crossing the road…


3) Ananuri Fortress

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Definitely a must-visit on your way through Kazbegi. Entry fee: free 🙂


4) More farm animals…


5) Lookout Point

Our photos don’t do this place justice. Breath-taking. We were so high up we could see the snow-capped mountains. It was freezing when we came out, about 5 degrees. A bit of a change from te 40degree Dubai summer ay, haha. Here’s one of my fav photos of Mr Mustard at the top 😉





6) And more sheep…a lot.. of sheep


We had a late lunch at a local cafe, lots of Georgian beer and katchapuri again haha. Onto Day Three….

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