Hot Latin Night @ Pachanga Hilton JBR

Oct 2014 update – Hot Latin Night is now moved to Ocacti. I’ve never been there before so no blog post to accompany it. You can check it out yourself and let me know

What an unexpected evening ๐Ÿ™‚


Taxi-ed to Hilton JBR last night to meet R at Pachanga, as we had thought it was ladies night. We didn’t realize it was now cancelled, to be replaced by a new “Hot Latin Night” where there’s free salsa beginner lessons from 9-10pm. So our initial disappointment was very quickly replaced with excitement as we watched the class from afar. Few minutes later, we were amongst all the rest, dancing away, hahaha. It was so much fun!

The teacher was so hot, she reminded me of Sofia from Modern Family. The steps were easy to follow, I guess maybe because I had learnt it back in Auckland haha. Good thing too is you don’t have to come with a partner because we just move on to the next guy after each turn.

We stayed on to watch the free-style after. I gotta admit, latino female dancers are mesmerizingly sexy. Our eyes were glued on from one couple to the other as they danced the night away, especially the petite black-haired Colombian – she’s beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

Not much to say on food as we both went there with a full tummy. I’ve also been tapa-ed out after having been to Solero in Kempinski the night before, then Seville’s for lunch! I highly recommend the wine – which unfortunately I cannot remember what the name was (terrible blogger ay, hahaha) – all I can remember is, it was the cheapest, white i.e top of the list. Sweet, reminded me of a NZ Gewuztramminer.

On service, well, it’s not superb but I didn’t really expect much. I sat at the balcony with R for almost 15 minutes and no one came to serve us. After the dance and we sat down again for drinks, I went to the bar to order and my drink never came either until I reminded a different staff, who brought it to me. To be honest I was having too good a time watching the salsa to care, hehe, so am a bit more forgiving on this post ๐Ÿ˜‰

Such an unexpected awesome evening at Pachanga! Where else do they do free-style salsa?

PS – The team that was teaching/performing is BNF Dance & Entertainment.ย 

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