Social by Heinz Beck @ Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah

Hehe, good mood again.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 

Think I’ve gotten over my little episode from last night. Cheers to Waldorf Astoria for restoring my faith in Dubai hospitality.

So we ventured towards the east crescent of Palm Jumeirah this evening, in search of a new hotel called Waldorf Astoria. After Atlantis you pass by a quiet stretch which smells of sewerage, then Sofitel, and ta-da, the newly opened Waldorf Astoria. Facade is solid white, standing out from the other hotels along the Palm or in Dubai in general.

No one was there to open the car doors, nor were there anyone in sight to welcome us as we entered, but our impressions was very swiftly changed when a very friendly man came to ask if we needed any help. He escorted us, with smiles, all the way to Social by Heinz Beck, introducing us to the newly opened Waldorf Astoria. Personal 🙂


Staff at Social were really friendly as well, welcoming us and then leading us to our tables. Fairly quiet at 7:30 pm. After sitting down, M and I were both gifted a red rose each from the staff. Aw 🙂

The 6-part degustation menu was an amazing gastronomical experience. The dishes were prepared with a lot of detail and love. It was orgasmic food art.

You know I’m not exactly a foodie and my emphasis is on service so here is my input – It was exceptional. Maybe because we had a horrible evening the night before. So it was like rising from a low, low. Just little things like, the random friendly chit chat from the staff. Changing cutleries after every dish. My favourite wait staff of the night – the charming italian chap who manage to get my name on the dessert, haha. Cute.

Minor reservations – that we had picked up from other restaurants that could be used for improvement – clearing the crumbs scattered all over the table  (Rhodes Twenty10 does this), and G noticed that this was done at the other tables but not ours. Checking to top up water. Staff behind restaurant reservations (phone). And? That’s all. I.e it was almost perfect 🙂

I know some restaurants have a policy where staff don’t wear tags. Armani does this as well. A bit stink for me as I’m unable to thank or mention them personally here. I’ll do my shout out to the italian wait staff. You made my night 🙂

Happy Valentines Day to Waldorf Astoria.

Thanks for making it special for us.

DSC02387Palate Cleanser, beautiful isn’t it

DSC02396 John dory curry on light pesto sauce

DSC02395 Eggplant tortellini with tomato coullis, mint oil and seasoned ricotta – G and my favourite. It looks so simple but it was delicious.

DSC02392 Lobster medallion with mango puree and basil foam

DSC02391Duck foie gras with almonds, apple and amarreti

I had read that Heinz Beck is a 3-star Michelin Chef? For the quality of food, and the level of service Social has provided, it’s all-deserving. I highly recommend.

  • Social by Heinz Beck 
  • Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah
  • +971 4 818 2222

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  1. Another thing with staff who don’t wear tags is that they can be hard to distinguish from ordinary customers, and the other way around. Just ask my husband about that day he wore a blue Ralph Lauren polo shirt at Habtoor Grand’s beach club…

  2. Hi, we had a lovely meal and as I remember Matthew was at hand to assist through a culinary feast. We shall book again and this time do the wine pairing. Nice review well deserved.

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