The Girls Don’t Q @ Q43, Media One Hotel

What’s on magazine had a little write-up on a new ladies night close to home. Since M’s here, thought why not check it out with her 🙂

So when you get in through the main entrance of Media One, turn left and keep walking. You’ll hit the other set of lifts and as you’re looking around lost wondering if you’re at the right spot, a nice lady will ask you “Q43?”. Aha!

Shoot up to the, you guess it, 43rd floor, and ta da, welcome to the latest ladies night in town. Appears to take up the whole floor, reminds me a bit of Observatory but, swankier. Newer. Cooler. Not sure if I can say chic-er, but you get what I mean 😉

IMG_9725Love this. Different. Personal. Edge-ier.

Left hand side, smoking area. Right hand-side, non-smoking area. You know where we went 🙂 I’m glad they actually had this separation. I don’t think other bars in Dubai actually do this ay. They should.

So far so good.

Got our 3 tokens. White, red, cocktails. Cool.

Walked up to the bar. I asked her,

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Can you make us something sweet? She looked at me blank, confused, mildly irritated. What do you mean, sweet?

Just, something sweet. Anything. You have cocktails? Can you make me something sweet?

Again, blank. What do you want? We have white wine, red wine, cocktails.


Give us two glasses of white. -.-

IMG_9728 Close to entrance

 IMG_9727 Sofas for the earlybirds

I’m glad they didn’t have the “Sorry, all couches are reserved” policy that a lot of swanky bars do, although 90% of the time the couches are not, reserved. M and I found a spot to sit down 🙂

IMG_9730View of Dubai 

360 view of Dubai from Q43. Gorgeous. We walked around and found big groups having dinner. Buffet, I think? Definitely something we’ll check out with the lot.

The bar was really packed, with what looked like after-work, professional peeps in suits. Nice. I liked it, as in enough to want to bring G back there and tell the girls to come here too. First impressions i.e my encounter with the bartender was definitely bad – but I’ll give it a second shot. Maybe she’ll be in a better mood next time 🙂

  • Q43
  • 3 complimentary drinks
  • Tuesdays for Ladies Night
  • Media One Hotel

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