Pink Bubbles & Heels @ Chinwaggery + Soul Movenpick Hotel JBR

Looks like we’ve found ourselves another Ladies Night on Wednesdays! πŸ™‚

3 of us girls went to Movenpick Hotel JBR on The Walk few nights ago. It’s been a few months since I’ve been there – brunch at The Talk, and random drinks at ChinwaggeryΒ in March. They’ve just finished up with renovations and it’s really quite different now. I’ll go back with G’s camera next time to take some decent snapshots, so bear with me it’s just these twoΒ today πŸ™‚

IMG_9467New entrance Β 

IMG_9468Indoor bar

On Weds after 8pm, ladies get 2 tokens for cocktails and fizzy. If you’re after a chill-outΒ evening on couches and cabanas, soft music in the background, cool breeze by the pool, (+ free drinks.. hee hee), Chinwaggery’s the place to be. Grab a shisha, kick back your heels and just relax.

I had to leave at 10pm as I was the only one working the next day, my two girlfriends had such a good time they stayed till 1am, haha!

Might need to pick up a little with service as we had to wait awhile for our second drink (which they then made a mistake on..) – but other that, it was a nice different ladies night out πŸ™‚

Good to see you again Jovana!

  • Chinwaggery + Soul
  • 2nd Floor Movenpick Hotel JBR
  • Wednesdays, after 8pm
  • 2 cocktails/sparkling wine

One thought on “Pink Bubbles & Heels @ Chinwaggery + Soul Movenpick Hotel JBR

  1. It is always pleasure to chat with us Cindy !

    Keep up with the great blogs ! I really enjoy reading them !

    See you soon ! πŸ™‚


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