Icho @ Radisson Royal Dubai

DSC00436 SZR

Emirates Towers looks pretty mean in here, doesn’t it. Gorgeous views from the 49th floor of Radisson Royal Hotel, SZR. I’m not too sure what’s going on with the stream of light above the Burj – I can assure you there was no hovering spacecraft above the 828m of steel and concrete structural wonder last night 🙂


Last night we went to Icho for some fine-dining japanese. Been there twice before now, both for the Lady Luck teppanyaki (which I don’t think they do anymore). We got to sit on the 49th floor this time – cosy rooms for private dining and there’s the other areas where we were at.


 Separate dining areas

DSC00448Where we were at. Oops that’s my finger there. 


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Private dining areas

Prices are slightly on the higher end – but to be honest it’s sort of what you expect. Edamame is 30 AED. For starters ordered the Icho Futo Sushi (85AED) – it’s Icho’s own giant roll – with prawn tempura, crab sticks, tuna, eel, egg omelette, roe, shisho leaf, picked ginger, radish, avocado,shittake and cucumber. And you thought you couldn’t get anymore things into a sushi 🙂 – Yum.

DSC00445Tofu on left, Icho Futo Sushi on right    

Mains, they sadly didn’t have Wagyu last night 🙁 so I settled with the Sea Bass. Honestly speaking the portions are fairly small. I guess it’s been such a long time since we’ve been to Japanese fine-dining so it was kind one of those – aw, that’s cute (but will it fill my tummy?)-moments. Is it good? Yes, definitely 🙂 I thought G’s Angus Gyuniku was better than mine, so if you were to try something definitely give it a shot.


 Angus Gyuniku (180AED)

DSC00459 Sea Bass

And since it was our little bday celebration, here’s a lil treat from Icho 🙂 Aw, isn’t that pretty?


Great birthday dinner, thanks to Jeffrey for being our host for the night 😀 Recommend you tear that Ent voucher from your fine dining book when you go 🙂 Take your Club Carlson card as well for points!

Click here for my first time to Icho (note that they don’t do Lady Luck anymore)

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