Claw BBQ @ Souk al Bahar

Works been crazy lately, haven’t found time to blog for awhile now!

Last night GM organized a get together at Claw BBQ in Souk al Bahar. Of the few times that we’ve been to Souk al Bahar, I’ll be honest with you and say that there hasn’t been a single place where I’ve gone, Hey – this is nice – I’ll come back.

I think I’ve found another new favourite, hee hee hee *rubs hands in glee*

Claw BBQ is an American BBQ and Seafood Restaurant. They’ve fitted it out so that you feel literally like you’re going into one of those ‘American’ cafes. Brick cladded walls, jukebox, awesome 90s music, and very friendly staff.

I ordered a Claw Peach Iced Tea – though steep at 65AED – considering how strong it was, I sorta felt like it was worth it haha. Dinner was a Soft Shell Crab PO Boy Burger. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, de-li-cious. Our group of 7 had a great time last night. I apologize as we were too busy chatting away, I didn’t catch the names of those that served us, except for Lauren – we’ll definitely be back again 🙂

They’re open after 8pm during Ramadan, drinks and all. Yay!

Wonder if there are vouchers for this place in the Ent book of anywhere?

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