A night in Fairmont The Palm


Sitting in the Fairmont Gold Lounge, glass of bubbly to my right, Viva magazine on the left with the oh-so-hot Diane Kruger staring back at me. A group of expats are sitting outside on the verandah having drinks, overlooking the marina. It’s beautiful here. I feel like I’m on holiday, yet again. And it’s literally a ten minutes drive from our apartment. We can actually see our tower from here, haha. Love it.

G and I arrived in the Fairmont 10 to 4pm today. We had to do the, drive in and then reverse to get into the Fairmont driveway thing, because we had no idea how to get to the right lane. There was another car who did the exact same thing lol.

First Impressions
Arrived, car handed to valet, and walked in. First impression was, wow. Reminiscense of when we walked into St Regis – similar high ceiling atrium, facing full-height glass windows overlooking the sea. Felt like it were the same architects who did St Regis and Fairmont – are they? Love the whole concept, regardless. It gives you the, ‘Welcome, you have arrived in an amazing resort, and you can leave all your stresses back home’ 🙂 Two thumbs up.


Check-in didn’t go all too smoothly. We were told our rooms weren’t ready although our scheduled check-in time was 3pm. He was nice enough to offer us drinks at the lounge, and that he would come and let us know when the rooms were ready. Round about 4:30 i.e 40 minutes later, no one came to us and we were getting restless so I went over and the guy said he’ll check. So I went back to my lounge again and ten minutes later, walked back and he handed me my key card (total waiting time 50 minutes). I was a little annoyed – felt like had I not walked up to check, no one would have given us our key and we could well have been sitting there till way pass 5pm. Note to Fairmont, something to work on in busy times.

We had a King size room, which was alright. Too bad we weren’t given the sea-view room – I guess it wasn’t part of the package, aw. I had thought that they might do a little bit more to make up for the one-hour wait. Maybe I should be a little more fierce next time ay 🙂 View aside, no complaints. Large room, clean, toilets superb, slippers provided. An hour later the staff even brought in a personalised note of welcome with cookies and water. Nice touch.


And fast-forward to current time – here I am 🙂 I’ll say that the food and drinks provided is top notch, better than that of JW Marriott Marquis’ Executive lounge. Tiramisu (top left) was heavenly. They had a bartender that would serve you drinks, nice. Poor Paul though. There was this one lady that said to him ‘I’m watching the time. I’ve spoken to the manager this mornin g!’, in front of everyone. Not too sure what the problem is, but c’mon, you don’t have to be so mean in front of all, do ya. Michelle was nice and sweet as well, topping up my drink on the go. Thanks 🙂

So far so good. Yet to venture to the other parts of the hotel, maybe I’ll leave that to tomorrow after breakfast at Flow Kitchen. The pool from above looks so inviting. I can’t wait. *Rubs hands in glee*

18.05.13 – 5:06 pm

Went down for a swim early this morning. Fairmont has I think, 3 separate pools. I stayed in the ‘Family pool’ because the sun hasn’t caught it yet (Asian, can’t get tanned, hehe!). Beautiful, big pools. Sesanka was one of the many guards on duty – friendly chap 🙂


Breakfast at Flow Kitchen was super. It wasn’t as big as Kitchen 6, but guess what? They’ve got pork! Hee hee hee. Even black pudding, though we stayed away from that. Mmm, pork bacon, pork hash, pork sausages. Yum.

And Lloyd kept me happy with the fresh carrot juice + milk. In fact, as long as you serve carrot juice, you’ll get 5-stars from me for breakfast ratings 🙂

I think that’ll be the end of my lil review on Fairmont. We loved our little weekend escapade. It’s nice to get away from home, eventhough it really is a ten minutes drive, lol.

Thanks to Fairmont, especially to all the many staff who kept our stay pleasant!


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  • Side note to all : Join the Fairmont President’s Club. It’s free, and it entitles you to complimentary wi-fi during your stay 🙂


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