#6 Insta-Dubai

With the temperature nearly reaching the 40s mid-day lately, we can’t help but wish winter would last just a wee bit longer!

Here’s a random collection of Dubai photos I found in my S3, in no particular order (and yes, I am now addicted to Instagram! *Guilty* Hee hee)

1. 12pm fog engulfing the marina from JBR side. I thought I was seeing things when I looked out the window (halfway through my weekend vacuuming)!


2. Road-side cleaner sweeping up the sand during the…. yes, sand-storm. Salute.


3. Water to sweeten up construction?


4. We found Wendy’s!


5. Confetti over November Rain 


Ultimate Summer Colour Trends Sale

6.  There IS yum cha in Dubai!IMG_20130415_204607

7. Keep Calm, Dubai-version.


8. Toys are not enough, you can now get Iphones and Tag Heuer watches from these arcade machines! 


9. Hot, icky, and sandy. Ugh, don’t like sandstorms. 


10. And to end another random post, Social House says it best :


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