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I was going to start blogging on our little experience last night and started googling ‘Giannino Meydan Beach Club’, and found Foodiva‘s site as the top hit. Clicked on it and started going through the many posts, which had grown from Giannino Milan’s response to her blog. Goodness gracious, hadn’t realize that chefs would take blogger’s opinions so personally!

Anyways, onto our little ladies night experience last night. S and I struggled to catch a cab to JBR – the first taxi driver refused to take us because ‘traffic is bad there!’. We finally found one which took us right to the front entrance Meydan Beach Club.

As you enter, the front foyer is bathed with very strong white light over the central area. It was really odd, not too sure what the lighting engineer was trying to achieve there. We walked about and Giannino where the usual ladies night were held was booked for a function so ended up going further up to the beach bar opposite the famous and overpriced ‘Cafe Del Mar’.

It was really quite nice, round tables for girls to sit around, complimentary spritz and waiters bring canapes to the table. I wasn’t too big a fan of the spritz to be honest, and the canapes were definitely nothing compared to what you get at Embassy, aww.

Nice for a cosy catch up with the girls. I’m not sure how the usual nights will be when its held back at Giannino but our first experience was just OK. It was a nightmare to catch a cab home as well.

Sigh. They really need to fix the road adjacent to JBR. Traffic’s a nightmare there.

Good thing our bicycles are here, so if you see two idiots cycling around the marina/JBR, shout out (and don’t knock us over!) ๐Ÿ™‚ I do wonder if I can get them valet-ed at hotels?

  • Giannino
  • Meydan Beach Club, JBR
  • Complimentary spritz and canapes
  • Wednesday
  • 7-10pm

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