L’Olivo Ristorante @ Rixos The Palm

Thursday night, thought we’ll venture to Rixos The Palm on the ‘other end’ of The Palm for dinner. It was quite a bit of a drive pass the Atlantis and we couldn’t help but think, what if, what if, what if. There is no other way back to mainland than through the tunnel. They really need to build an alternative route ay.


We got to the hotel, valet-ed, and found ourselves at L’Olivo situated to the left as you enter. The lady told us she had placed us as a really nice table and I guess it was, right by the windows overlooking the Palm/Marina. The blue lights at the bar down below created a dreamy ambience.


We sat down and went through the menu. We noticed that they had forgotten to place the napkins for us, as most staff in hotel restaurants do. G also noted that they had not poured all the beer into the glass before taking it away, so it wasn’t filled to the top. Aw, little things that still needs improvement.

We were first served with the below, compliments of the chef. I love these little things that nice restaurants do 🙂


G had wanted to try the lentil soup to start, and that we both really liked. Kind of reminds us that we should make use of our Phillips hand blender (350DHS from Carrefour!) to make more soups haha.


Not too long after, came both our mains.

G had the veal, complemented with foie gras, shallots and eggplant. The veal was delicious, beautiful cooked to medium as he had requested.


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I had ordered the fish stew, which came more like a clam chowder (with fish) than anything. It was yum, but a tad too salty for my liking. Good thing we still had bread leftover from the start so I polished it up with that 🙂


We really couldn’t stomach any more dessert but Bharat had told us to hang on before we go. It was a really nice touch as the chef Salvatore had prepared a special dessert for us, which G absolutely loved!


Overall happy, though definitely need a bit more improvement here and there. Many thanks to Bharat for taking care of us that night.

On the hotel as an overall, it really needs to have something super special for people in Dubai to want to travel all the way there for a meal or night out. I had noticed that they have ladies nights, but may struggle with all the options available closeby in the Marina. If the bars had ladies night over the weekends, that might help a little to draw a better crowd? 🙂

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