A weekend at JW Marriott Marquis Dubai & Breakfast @ Kitchen 6

JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

Had the opportunity to stay in the newly opened JW Marriott Marquis over the weekend.

Before checking in on Thursday, the only few things that we’ve heard about this place were from the scattered FB newsfeed stories of its opening ceremony, hosted by Simone with special guest Leona Lewis, the sports bar Velocity (from Dubai92’s giveaways), and reviews of Prime 68- the steak restaurant on the 68th floor. O yea and one more thing – that it was the ‘world’s tallest hotel!’

I was quite excited over the week, hehe. Another new hotel in Dubai! 🙂

We got there quite late as the traffic was horrendous going up north (it normally is every Thursday night!). Handed it to valet, and strolled in with our luggages. No big smiles and ‘Welcome …’ that was usually expected in Dubai hotels, but we could tell they were just really really busy that night ay.

We had to wait a wee bit for check-in, and was later on handled by a not-too-happy-looking guy haha. I think he was having a bad evening.

60+ floors up and we got into our room. Massive bathrooms with a bathtub, shower, separate toilet area. You also get a walk-in wardrobe fitted with automatic lights that turn on as you enter. That was pretty cool 🙂

Comfy king size beds littered with a few too many pillows (as most hotels in Dubai do, haha), and a large beige couch (loved that! I want to change the couch I have at home now!).

Our tummy’s were rumbling, so we decided to head up to the 68th floor to check out the very famous steakhouse. We were both starving for a bite. Unfortunately due to its popularity it was going to be a 40minute wait for a table, so we had to move downstairs in search for another dinner spot. Aww, I was quite disappointed ay – have read so many good reviews of this place. Maybe next time we’ll get to come back?

Got to Izakaya and it was buzzing with people. They had Harajuku style waitresses in Cosplay – cute 🙂 Read my review here (coming soon).

The best part of our stay was definitely the breakfast at Kitchen 6. They had six live-cooking stations! We’ve stayed at a few random hotels here and there and hotel breakfasts are always more or less the same but Marriott Marquis has definitely lifted the bar! They had a Chinese/Japanese section (I had 2 bowls of the century egg porridge – so yum!). We both loved the man tao + sweetened condense milk as well, haven’t had that for ages!

The international breakfast section had the cook-eggs-to-your-style chefs, and the plus was definitely the delicious Eggs Benedict 🙂

For kids and those who want a lighter option, there’s a nice cereal section. Keep walking and you’ll find freshly baked pastries with massive muffins. O wait wait there’s more – they have what tasted like home-made ice cream as well. Love the green tea ice cream. G really liked the Butterscotch ice-cream. They even had Masala tea Ice Cream haha – that was interesting. Too bad I didn’t have two tummies otherwise I wouldn’t tried every other flavour in there! (Getting hungry as I type this)

We didn’t quite venture out to the Indian and Arabic section but there’s definitely  more than enough options to keep everyone happy.

And now, service – the most important thing to us. Hmm. On the first morning, I was a wee bit unhappy that they initially told us breakfast wasn’t included in our package. I really dislike it when hotels make an error and then you need to tell them to ‘double check’ and then you have to show them your itenary and all that jazz. It really ruins the experience. After awhile later she came back and said it’s all good…….

But hey, later on we were served by some really nice restaurant staffs which unfortunately I didn’t quite get their names of. I do remember Uzair though from this morning’s breakfast 🙂 Thanks for getting the carrot juice for me! (All hotels should serve carrot juice as part of their breakfast buffets, you’ll definitely get bonus points from me, hehehe )

On the second night, we came back to the Marriott Marquis with a few other friends after dinner elsewhere as they were quite keen to check out the much talked about ‘Vault’ at the top floor. Unfortunately it was packed-as when we went up so we thought we’ll go have a peek at VIP Room instead. That wasn’t a great experience – it would have been nice if the girl at the front was a bit more polite to us but ah well..

Jumping back to the next morning – check-out went swift and easy. No complaints there 🙂

Overall an okay experience. I’ll recommend it to friends who wish to stay more central to Dubai Mall and Downtown. It did feel more like a Business Hotel, with an amazing Executive Lounge (thumbs up for that). Definitely in need of a few more smiles in the lobby  and valet area but overall, happy with the stay…. (mmmm, still thinking about that porridge… hahaha!)

  • JW Marriott Marquis Dubai
  • Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay
  • Dubai
  • Website 
  • 971-4-4140000
  • PS – You can use your Entertainer 2 for 1 for breakfast at Kitchen 6

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