#1 On Rieslings and peanuts

Sitting on the off-grey couches of Cinebar right now, with a glass of Hardys Stamp Riesling and salted peanuts accompanying me. Music is pumping – sounds a bit like the 90s music that was playing at Mixtape Rewind that we went to few weekends ago, i.e borderline annoying. I actually asked if they could play nicer music (with a smile) – but unfortunately they didn’t have anything. Ah, should have chosen one of the other bars along Greenbelt which had live music!

Thought I’ll create a new category for my random rambles. I’ve tried to keep this blog as un-private so possible but got a bit bored with the reviews lately (hence, the ‘dry’ period for the last few weeks). Who knows maybe you will be interested in a bit of this? 🙂

G had asked me to stop using so many smiley faces on my blog. It’s tough ay. It’s like when I write work emails, I am so tempted to put in a smiley face so that I don’t sound so demanding but it’ll end up looking unprofessional. I mean really, if you want to put a smiley in a work email, might as well use LOL or…. WTF ay. Imagine the trouble you’ll get with your boss. ” Can you stop saying WTF in your emails? ”

Anyways, last few days in Makati has been crazy busy. I want some durian but I can’t actually smuggle it into my room. I remember seeing signs in the hotels in Malaysia where they actually said ‘No durians allowed’. Lol. Gotta wait till I go home then, boo. And DW’s telling me she can get it for RM1.50! Now that deserves a WTF!

Tuned into Dan and Pricey last night, felt just like I was back at home. Actually quite like their show since Pricey came on board ay. Switching from Brent and Louie now, ha. Stink I can’t text in to join the competitions, argh – feel so helpless – gonna be 5 days of no radio comping! Maybe I should get a Filipino sim card and join the competitions here? Hmm.. 🙂

Anyways, time to head back up to my room. The Riesling was yum. JY – you have to come visit me soon. Miss you.

Ps – To the random readers  – leave me a message, say hi – I keep seeing ppl coming to my blog from searches and then it gets FB liked but I can’t even see who you are 🙁


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  1. Hahaha !! I wrote you something as well !! I will have to make a trip to see you !!! Never too many smileys 🙂

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