Jordan – Day 1(Part 3 of 3) – Wadi Rum

We did Petra in 4 hours – which is to be honest actually quite fast because you can, if you want to – spend a whole full day in there. Tight in time I’ll say because Jalal had asked us to meet him at 12:30p.m so we can make our trip out to the Wadi Rum desert.

We were a wee bit annoyed that all the extra entry fees and activities cost quite a lot on top of what we already paid. The itenary had said that ‘entrance fees’ will be approximately 95USD. I guess that excluded the jeep ride through Wadi Rum – which was another 250AED for the two of us for 2 hours. Expensive, yes. You can choose 3-hour ride which would be 425AED. No thanks!

I guess we were comparing to the Desert Safari we did in Dubai many months ago which was for 6 hours inclusive of everything, which would cost you about 150AED if you want to book it through someone who knows them (me!).


Driving through Wadi Rum – you feel like you’ve left planet Earth and just landed on another planet. Mars, maybe? The sand is red, the rocky mountains are so big and tall you feel sooooo small. It’s quite a surreal feeling. You look all around and all you see are big red rocks – it’s beautiful.

We stopped at a bedoin tent to rest, and had tea with the locals. Nice sweet tea 🙂

2-hours went pass real fast, as we were then dropped off to camp.

By the way – I recommend that you leave Petra later should you do this tour. We got to camp around 4:30p.m and just lazed around reading books and having tea until 7:30p.m. If you wanted more time to spend in Petra, just let your tour guide know because there wouldn’t be anything to do at camp anyways until dinner-time 🙂

Sunset at Wadi Rum

Sunset at Wadi Rum is quite spectacular as the sky goes pink and blue, and the dessert and mountains all turn red as the sun slowly sets. We met others at camp and chit-chatted till late after dinner. They also had arabic music, mixed with some english pop songs and Gangnam Style – ha ha. Imagine that, in the middle of Wadi Rum.

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For those who are a bit worried about ‘camping’ – don’t worry, you get an actual bed with very colourful bedspread and pillows, mosquito netting and a nice green lightbulb. I suggest you bring eye-shades and ear-plugs if you want a good night sleep though – as we had kids outside that were playing and running all night long ! :)….

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