Our dinner date @ Salmontini, MOE

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I’ve thought for a long time about writing this one. Not because it’s bad, far from that – but that I wouldn’t be able to describe how amazingly yum the food was 😉 As you can see I’m not a professional food blogger. My vocabulary is somewhat limited to that of someone who reads once a year. I try and make up for this with the photos, hehe – and then half the time we forget to bring our cameras and end up using the lousy cellphone cameras 😛

Okay let’s get on with the review. Salmontini is located in the “West end” of Mall of Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Road. You get this shiny silvery sign from the outside and it can look quite daunting to those who with a budget. We thought we’ll give it a try anyways, especially since we had the HSBC Entertainer 2 for 1 in hand 😉

We ordered a salmon steak, which had some sort of cheese stuffing, topped with sundried tomatoes. It laid over a carrot and some-sort-of-vegetable-that-neither-of-us-could-figure-out-what-it-was-but-by-golly-was-it-delicious. I’m gonna emphasize on that vegetable thing a little more because it was really good. We think it’s probably just shaved broccoli stem. For a moment we thought it was avocado. Or cucumber. I think it was just the combination of both with that sauce! Ooooo..yum!

On the sides they have ricotta, which complements the salmon really well.

We also had entrecote steak which is supposely beef, some part – which is really tender. It’s a bit too tender for my liking. I like the normal NZ eye fillet or rump. This one just sorta melts in your mouth. G loved it. And fries on the side. That dish doesn’t really do any magic to the eyes but definitely in the mouth 🙂 Mmmmm 🙂

We had a table right next to the windows facing the Dubai Ski slope, so that was quite a plus. Service was good, so no comments there. We were just a teeny bit annoyed that we were served fresh pineapple juice instead of the normal juice, because the price difference is quite a bit. Be careful when you order juices next time.

Mains were about AED120. Definitely expensive if you compare to a similar location/food in Auckland, or even London for that matter. Similar to prices in Melbourne maybe. Everything becomes reasonable when you take out the entertainer voucher 🙂

  • Salmontini
  • West End – Mall of the Emirates
  • Sheikh Zayed Road
  • HSBC Entertainer voucher – 2 for 1

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