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I apologize for the terrible photos. None of us brought a camera that night. Had to test the camera quality of the new HTC One V. Hmm, not super great for night-shots ay :/ Apologies to Blends, but hang on – I’ve good things to say about this place 🙂

And so just when you thought Ladies Nights is only on weekday nights, I find out that Blends in The Address hotel in Dubai Marina has free cosmo’s for girls between 8-midnight on Friday nights. Thanks to JF for the recommendation 🙂 We went there around 9pm and quite surprisingly, it was still empty! There’s a nice couch area where you can sit and chit chat (and still be able to hear each other), eventhough the music was pretty loud and just seemed to be getting louder and louder into the night. What sorta music? The usual house which seems to be commonplace in the few Dubai bars that we’ve been to.

The cosmo’s were actually, quite good. I’m never really a big fan of these pretty little drinks because they’re usually either too sweet, too expensive, or too watered-down. You can take one, or two, or three, or four. Up to you 😀 You could get there at 8pm and carry on till midnight if you really wanted to. No other choices for the night though…. which I think is a good thing because at some point into the night, you are bound to get sick of that pink drink 😛 We had a chat with the bartender and she said that Blends does Ladies night Tues-Fri, with a different sorta drink every night. Again, wth!

People-wise, it was quite empty where we were. There are different parts to the bar and there seemed to be a lot in the bar near the entrance, and possibly more inside – I don’t know 🙂 Haha pretty shitty review so sorry, I just didn’t bother walking everywhere to check the place out, next time I go back I’ll update this post okay 🙂 So all in all, it’s an good place to go on a Friday night if you want to start the night with a big group on the budget(/free) side of things and head elsewhere…, or just somewhere to go to catch up/chit chat….. because it is, in the Dubai Marina anyways… 😀

  • Blends
  • Tues – Fridays
  • Unlimited drinks
  • 8pm – midnight
  • The Address
  • Dubai Marina

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  1. I’ve also been there on a Friday, and it was empty too. Don’t want to thik about what it’s like on a weekday.. Quite a shame as it’s a nice place and the music was really good, when I was there.

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