Belgian Beer Cafe, Grand Millenium Hotel

Went to check out the bar downstairs tonight, as they had a 2 free drinks for girls every Monday night, lol.

At first I  thought there was a catch.

“There’s no such thing as free drinks”

In Auckland I used to get the free drink txts for new drinks that were being promoted and that was pretty cool – I remember the many many times we went to Mac’s Bar on Nuffield Streets for those sickly pear and apple ciders, haha. Fun times.

Anyways we went there and they had a girl and a guy outside the bar giving you these two vouchers for wine.

No catch.

You just have to be, female, and obviously over 21.

Funny thing is, well I suppose not very surprising I suppose, that there were probably 75% men in the bar and just a handful of women! I can honestly say they were all expats. We were probably the only Asians.

Quite a nice little bar – they serve the usual belgium beer favourites like Hoegarden, Leffe Blond – quite pricey at 40AED though. I suppose that’s what you pay for beers in Dubai? I’ll find out after a few more months here! 🙂 Interior is alright – you definitely forget that you’re living on a desert, and that you’re back in good ol’ De Fontein in Mission Bay. One thing that we didn’t quite like is that you can smoke in there and a lot of people smoke 🙁 One big thing I miss about Auckland bars/restaurants!

Loving the perks the girls get – it’s quite weird really but who am I to complain! Hee hee.

On Wednesday we’re going to Nelson’s Bar at Media Rotana as ladies get five free drinks. Imagine that. What an awesome way to check out bars 🙂

  • Belgian Beer Cafe
  • Mondays
  • 2 free drinks
  • 6pm – 1opm
  • Grand Millenium Hotel
  • Al Barsha

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