Who am I

Who am I

Originally from the home of the orang utans (where the world’s best food is found), having spent the latter part of my life in the land down under, we (husband and I) moved to Dubai back in 2012.

We both love chinese and japanese food, and our social life is planned generally around deals, though we do allow for the occasional splurge. I love looking for new deals, organising get-togethers and events, and writing about the experience. Note that I do not work in the hospitality / PR / journalism sector so please excuse my english if it’s not up to par.

We also have 3 little ones, so my write-ups since 2016 is based on us exploring the UAE and abroad through the eyes of parents, with occasional rants of mommyhood 🙂

Get in Touch

I write honestly, with a view to provide suggestions and recommendations. I do not buy followers or likes on social media, nor am I in any blogger support groups so you won’t see an endless stream of generic comments in my social media feeds. Chances are, you have more followers than me on instagram 🙂

What I do best is the blog itself. I create content that will be valuable for you in the long-run. Most of my posts do end up on the first two pages of google. If you are launching a new menu or deal, you want people to know what this deal encompasses, and you want this post to be google-able, get in touch with me.

Please note that if there is anything that needs to be improved, this will also be mentioned in the post. If required, I am happy to send you a snapshot of my blog stats.

Get in touch for collaborations at liloneoftheashes@gmail.com

Snapshot from home – February 2011

5 thoughts on “Who am I

  1. Hello dear,
    Hope you are doing well.

    Take a glimpse at the golden age of Egyptian cinema, and enjoy an oriental dinner in an urban outdoor destination.
    We would like to invite you to our newly opened Studio Masr – BOXPARK branch for a great experience on Wednesday, 4th of March at 12.30 PM.

    Looking forward to seeing you there.
    Please RSVP for 3rd of March.

  2. Yay I met you today! Funny thing is, I had already been on your blog before and I wondered who could be running this. Finally got to see the pretty face behind this site! 🙂

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