#50 Smoke-free Bars in Dubai

So here you go, a little list of bars that are ‘nearly there’ in being smokefree  I.e no smoking allowed indoors, or that they have an allocated non-smoking section. To be honest it was very difficult to get info, because ….there aren’t many of them. A lot of these actually have beautiful outdoor terraces to accomodate the smokers which is great.

For those who managed to fall into this category, good on ya 🙂

I’ll continue to expand this list as I gather more info, with little tips on ladies night deals, cause we don’t really want to ‘save our lungs’, and then spend 80AED on a glass of wine, do we? He he.

Please email me at liloneoftheashes@gmail.com if you wish to be included.

Smoke-free, indoors
Bars with allocated indoor non-smoking areas

It is to be noted that most, if not all restaurants have a non-smoking area, but we will not include those as I am more so focused on bars.

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