#47 The dodgy side of Dubai, exposed via search items

If you don’t own a website, you probably don’t realize that everything you search for is actually visible to either the search engine, or the webpage owner that you end up on.

Here on liloneoftheashes.com, other than food and travel, I also write a lot about nightlife and spas. This means that for some bizarre reason a lot of dodgy people out there searching for something ‘else’ ends up on my page πŸ™‚

Here’s a little collection of them, for your Sunday reading pleasure.

Number 13 :Β 


I have never been to a tickling massage in my life. I cannot imagine how comfortable is that. For all other types of massages in Dubai that we’ve been to, happy for you to read up here πŸ™‚

Number 12 :


I knew that I will be picking up this search item when I published this article for Societe’s Dubai’s closing party. I bet ya all other publications online will be getting more traffic than me for the same search item πŸ˜›

Number 11 :


Bizarre, what people look for isn’t it. I write about Dubai. Every now and then I’ll throw in an article or two about the construction industry. And I use the word sexy in some of my food write-ups. But how in the world did these three words bring them to my site? πŸ™‚

Β Number 10 :search4

I wrote about a hot stone hand & arm massage at Willow Stream Spa in Fairmont The Palm awhile back. I was happy after that. Not too sure what other people were actually looking for though? πŸ™‚

Number 9:

search5Β Scandalous πŸ™‚

I’ve never even been to Hyatt Regency Dubai so the only article I’ve ever included them was when I was researching for tatami rooms in Dubai.Β Not sure if my site was helpful for the chap though ay? I hope you got your questions answered!

Number 8:

search6Lol. And the answer is yes. Here’s the link to our fab experience at his concert this year in the Du Arena.

Number 7 :


And more of these. Jeez πŸ™‚

Number 6 :

search8Honestly not too sure what they were looking for πŸ™‚

Does Fujairah have girls working in their hotel spas? Β Yes my dear, they do have. We stayed in Khorfakkan and went for a couples massage in Oceanic Khorfakkan. Hmm.

Number 5 :


Has my site become a currency exchange site?!

Number 4 :


I’ve never ever ever written about Hello Kitty. I just did a search on my site itself and my piece on Ailuromania Cafe popped up, lol! What on earch is a Hello Kitty penthouse anyway?!

Number 3 :


This cracked me up. Somebody’s got a crush on one of the guys in the salon? Yeah I’ve been to En Vogue, I get a lot of hits for people looking to complain about the salon as well.

Β Number 2 :Β 



Media Rotana, we’ve been there a lot of times now. Great brunch at Channels. Been to Nelson’s once, it was alright. Not too sure if you can find girls near Media Rotana though?

Number 1:


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.


What on earth is he looking for? Did he expect a picture of a girl to pop out ? And how on earth did this search engine throw someone to my site?! I’ve written about Nepal. But nothing about ‘nepali girl in dubae which girl wants to be tonight my night ppartner’ πŸ˜‰

So, hope you guys enjoyed that.

So boys, be careful what you’re searching for ay πŸ™‚

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