Maya @ Le Royal Meridien

Consider this constructive criticism, as I genuinely have high regards for the resort, having stayed here before, and have dined numerous occasions at its many eateries.

Early this week M had won a dinner voucher for 2 at Maya, Dubai from a radio station. She was ecstatic, her first win in Dubai! 🙂 So we got really excited and booked for a table for 3, intending to pay for the third person.

I worked late today, so as I was driving home on SZR, gave LRM a call on my bluetooth. I wanted to check how this whole voucher thing would work, as I really wanted to avoid any unnecessary disputes when we get there. I spoke to E, whom after a few rounds of discussions told me to just bring the voucher there and then they can see what it says. Okay.

We drove over, took the buggy to Maya – beautiful restaurant. So far so good 🙂 Upon request, I handed the voucher over and was led to our table indoors.

DSC02367Snapshot outdoors on the terrace, gorgeous

DSC02343Maya, indoors

Few minutes later, restaurant manager came over to explain that we unfortunately could not use it this evening as Thursday was considered – a weekend.

Oh, really?

I don’t know about you but I work on Thursdays. And so does G. And so does most of my friends. Friday and Saturday, is a weekend. Back in Auckland and probably the rest of the world, we work Monday to Friday and weekends are Saturday, Sundays. I’m not trying to be difficult, but restaurant reservations should have asked me for clarification instead of telling me to “Just bring the voucher here and we’ll see what it says.” And okay, stupid enough of me to accept her proposal. And to get all dressed up with G who came home early from overseas, and take M to this fancy restaurant, to be then told, sorry but -.

It’s not about the money, we’ll be more than happy to pay for a meal. It’s just the whole idea that they should have been a bit more clear. I really dislike disputes, especially before a meal. Especially when it was supposed to be a birthday celebration of my mum. Seriously.

Anyways, after much debate, he kindly advised that they will let us have it this time, but not, next time.

It completely ruined the night ay.

On food, I have no complaints. It was really good. But you know my emphasis is on service, so I’ll just drop a few photos here FYI 🙂

DSC02346Trio of mexican appetiser for two (170 AED). Recommend the taquitos de langosta and Maya Nachos 

DSC02354 Tequila Chipotle Prawns (AED195)

DSC02357 Crispy Fish Tacos (AED95)

DSC02358US Beef Short Ribs (180AED) – Highly Recommend

All throughout the evening, no one came over to ask how was the food? Do you need something else? At the end of the meal, our empty plates layed on the table for the longest time and I had my hands raised up for ages, trying to get the attention of the staff there were just walking pass us. We just wanted to get the bill.

And c’mon, before you give the bill, you really should clear the plates on the table, and maybe ask, would you like some dessert?

Shakes head

Maybe I’m being a big baby here. Spoilt ay 😉 But it’s Le Royal Meridien. It’s not SPG Category 6, for nothing.

Disappointing, really. I’ll give M’s birthday dinner take another try this Saturday instead. Am feeling quite embarrassed we chose to take her here tonight 🙁 Next time you give away vouchers, suggest you don’t tell restaurant reservations to inform potential patrons to “Bring it and we’ll see what it says.” Consider what you’ll tell them if they cannot use it that night. And, maybe, restaurant staff that night was just, really, really, really, really, busy. As good as the food was, and as beautiful as the place was, it’s the service that leaves the last impression.

After note : Maya does ladies nights on Sundays and it really is quite nice then. It is quite unfortunate that we had this uncomfortable encounter due to these vouchers. I’ve dined here once before when I stayed there and had no issues with service then. Consider this one-time unlucky ay.

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3 thoughts on “Maya @ Le Royal Meridien

  1. So sad to hear that. When I had dinner at Maya, everything was perfect and the service was great. All those coupon deals in Dubai are great when they work, but I’ve had so many encounters with staff not knowing about validity, giving misleading information. It’s really annoying, especially when the staff make you feel as if it’s your fault and you should be thankful.

    1. How did you end up at this old post? Haha. I feel embarrassed to read my old rantings sometimes. It’s like one in 50 good posts!

      We had been to Maya before that encounter and it was good as well, so I guess sometimes it’s just ‘one of those nights’ ay.

      Agree though it’s annoying when staff don’t know enough and give wrong information ! 🙁

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